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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome to Our Home

Hello friends!  I'm finally settled enough to share some pictures of our new/old home.  I'm anxiously waiting for our abstract/deed to be updated so I can read some of the history of our house.
I am really getting the itch to start creating again but have not started to set up my craft space.  I will get started at it very soon :)
Built in 1920
Waterfront view.
Kitchen Decor

Dining Room
Dining Room Buffet,  The 1920's were the start of Art Deco and this Buffet has the Art Deco in the Glass doors.  I wonder if the people who built our home would have had a similar buffet?
I've decorated my Dining Room with Great Grandma Rosa's Jewel Tea dishes.
Table decor
Inside buffet
Front Door
Bathroom 1
Sun Room

View from Sun Room
The sun room has beautiful french doors.

Sun Room Decor
LOVE the vintage boots..They were well loved because the have been re-soled and the new bottoms have a hole in them :)
Living Room
Bust in Livingroom on the mantle.  This beauty gives my hubby the creeps and if he is reading, he turns his back to her because he thinks she is watching him...hee-heee!

Stairway Decor
Our Room
1800's piece...porcelain wheels
1900's piece...wooden wheels

Spare room.  (When Amy visits, she'll sleep here :)
Hope you've enjoyed your tour.  
Hubby and I both feel like we are living in a vacation home and we've taken the boat out on the water several times.  I love being back in Charles hometown :)  Hubby likes living in town, too!
I'll get pictures of the teenagers room when he is awake. hmmmm? 
I'll try to get my craft space in order and then share pictures of that, too!