Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stampers' Sampler Publication and Catching UP!

Hello friends.  Hope you're all doing well and have had some time to do what you love!  I haven't had as much time in my craft room because we've been spending a lot of time outside.  After the storm in July we had so many buildings, bins, house and tree damage...we find ourselves still picking up the pieces.
Here's a picture we took last May after painting the buildings (Remember we were getting ready for our Daughter's graduation).
This year our Son is graduating so we're trying to catch up and clean up!
After the storm.
Picture of the house just as it is getting light and we can see the damage.  Needed to get a tarp to cover the roof which was half gone.
Bringing in the big boys
Barn and Corn Crib...the last of them
As the barn came down, this sweet pigeon wouldn't fly away.  They stopped the demolition and set her in the grass.  Because we have several cats, we brought her in the house and she couldn't fly.  She spent 4 days in the house in a box.  She had quite the appetite and enjoyed her bird food and water.  We have moved her out to the garage and she is starting to fly and can get up about 5 feet.  We'll continue to take care of her for awhile and if she isn't able to fly away, we'll call the DNR and she may be able to have a home in one of the parks where they have enclosed housing for birds.
We'll head out today to do some more work :)
Speaking of catching up, I have a published piece in "stampers' sampler", catch up issue.  You can find it on page 124 :)


craftattack said...

Congrats on being published; I don't have the mag so can't look. What a lot of work that storm caused you. Great that you stopped to look after that bird in the middle of everything! Hugs, Valerie

Sugar Lump Studios said...

so sad about the barn...I remember when it was hit - but so glad you are all ok.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Terry said...

Congratulations, Jan! I remember that storm and the mess it left behind! Your cleanup and repair is no little task! Have a great Sunday and hopefully you can find a little time to just relax!

Audrey Pettit said...

You all sure have been through a lot, Jan! I remember when that storm hit you. So glad you've been able to pick up the pieces since then, and how exciting that your son is about to graduate. Congratulations of the publication!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Congrats on the publication-so exciting.
Oh how sad to see the barn torn down-it had to be hard to watch...I would have been saving boards and had a
How sweet you have been nursing the pigeon.
So glad everyone was safe during the storm
Thanks for sharing sweetie

artistamyjo said...

That was such a sad and difficult time for all of you.
We are cleaning up as well from the heavy wet snow we had several weeks ago. Lost many trees and had to have a crew come in to climb and trim many others.
Congrats on the graduate son and another terrific being published.
Have a lovely Sunday.Hugs

Christine said...

Congratulations Jan!

That's too bad that you had to tear that old barn down. I'm betting we'll see some projects made from that old wood, huh?

Leann said...

Oh my that certainly is a lot of damage. glad that no one was hurt and that you are on your way to getting everything back in order.

Congrats on your mag article!


Createology said...

Oh Jan Dear I am so sad to see how devastating the storm was for your property. I am thankful your family is safe. Poor little bird is very happy you are taking such good care and feeding. Congratulations on being published once again. Very exciting indeed. Blessings dear...

Cheryl said...

oh gosh Hun that storm sure did you a lot of damage,gosh,as for being published Hun good for you,so proud of you hun and its so so well deserved take care hugs Cherylxxxx

florenceandfreddie said...

Hi Jan. Oh my! The storm must have been terrifying. Hopefully you will be able to get sorted by the time your son graduates. Congrats on being published.
Regards Florence xx

1CardCreator said...

So sad the barn was beautiful Jan. So sweet that the little bird was spared and congrats on the publication. Don't work too hard!

Lynne Moncrieff said...

That is so sad Jan.
Thank goodness for good news. My complimentary copy arrived in the mail yesterday and yes, I did spy your beautiful card. Congratulations to you.

Lucy said...

I love barns -- any barns -- so I almost cried when I saw this. I'm sure you felt the same way. It sounds like no one was hurt except the pigeon, so there's that to be thankful for.